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Dear Joyce Ann,                                                                              
Hope this note finds you doing well -  I see you have new puppies, how wonderful!  Just wanted to send you another update and again say how happy we are with this wonderful puppy you sold to us.  Piper is truly a joy to us and is a very healthy and happy little dog.  He is growing beautifully and is quite the handsome little lad.  As we have shared, we are experienced with this remarkable breed and understand their natures very well.  This said, our little guy (now 9 months old) is proving to be a truly exceptional dog on so many fronts – we couldn’t be happier with him.  Most notably, he has such a wonderful and calm temperament and is friendly to all he meets, other dogs too.  What a love he is, and we can tell that once he matures into a grown dog, his sweetness will be his greatest attribute.  The other thing to share is about how smart he is – he excels in his puppy classes and is quite often the star pupil!  I will simply say that we are just thrilled with him and we’re so happy we found you.   In closing, I just wish to formally thank you for giving us such a wonderful and cherished little love.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know looking for a PRT / JRT.
Dawn and Larry, NY



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